Sunday, December 6, 2009

Need To Control My ANGER

There is always a side in all person tat dominates them in a hidden way.....I too discovered it lately....At times a mean something & say something else.WHY so 'coz somewhr I'm agitated.....I don't know but indirectly I've hurt many close ones & have lost them lately....but what I've learned by being in a relationship is that you need to listen to the other person first then respond accordingly. by hurting someones feelings I indirectly hurt myself & in long run it's going to hamper me a lot.....I NEED TO CONTROL MY ANGER.....I have to

Saturday, August 8, 2009

nights in kol

today after a long time i was kind of desperate to write, the reason is that i was remembering those nights in kolkata when i first tried fagging....."kya raate thi!!"
the two of us ,rather three....Hmm!! booze flowed through our throat as "some devine juice" at that age while trying new things life seems so wonder i'll miss that and some where i know i'll never get them back.....guys lets meet and party again i want that "heaven" back bafore i go to "hell"
p.s tis is for Dudly & Perly Werly

ooie neel aakash!

ooie neel aakash er gobhir dure,tar ooie paarer chure,ki ache keu ki ba jane...
haa!ami o jante chai,ta janbar eche ta pai.
amar shopnor daana mele,sopno paakhi pele....ami o ure jabo, take pabo.....
pele vki r hoye!
kichu na...."eei ekta choto eche..tar purno hobar sopno... r ki"
purno nai ba holo taate ki!
ja pawa galo setai amar noye?
ami oke nejer kore nebo....
or sathe ure nebo....
du chokh bhore aasha, r kichu sopno...
amar hobe, tai robe.........
ooie neel aakasher gobhir dure... ooie chure......AMAR SHOPNO!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


today after a long time i just felt like writing's not just because Neha asked me to but pouring my heart out to her makes me feel confident again it's more than a year tat i'v written a line, but today i feel i can do it again i hope i can keep up my confidence and help myself out of situations....