Saturday, August 8, 2009

nights in kol

today after a long time i was kind of desperate to write, the reason is that i was remembering those nights in kolkata when i first tried fagging....."kya raate thi!!"
the two of us ,rather three....Hmm!! booze flowed through our throat as "some devine juice" at that age while trying new things life seems so wonder i'll miss that and some where i know i'll never get them back.....guys lets meet and party again i want that "heaven" back bafore i go to "hell"
p.s tis is for Dudly & Perly Werly


  1. i miss u too sweetie!!! n pearly too :(....i miss our ladies nights :)...i hope we can meet up soon too!!!! :((

  2. yup babes
    i hope to see u guy soooon....